Archive: Kabalite Warriors

I started my Dark Eldar army in September 2011. If you look closely, you’ll see a fair bit of dust on these! When the army was released, I was heavily into my Imperial Guard army, my initial reaction to the Raider model was negative and the release passed me by. However, after some time collecting some Space Wolves, the repetitive paint scheme started to bore me and I looked for a project with more diversity and variation. I bought the Urien Rakarth model on a whim, was surprised how much I liked it in real life, as opposed to on a screen, painted it and then went and bought a battleforce.

After Rakarth, I thought a lot about different colour schemes, and then bought the codex for inspiration. Almost straight away I saw, on page 70 of the 2009 codex, an image of a Kabalite warrior painted in dark green armour, with red undersuit and a dash of orange, belonging to the Kabal of the Baleful Gaze and I settled immediately on that. In fact, I made sure to recreate that very mini myself, with one foot on a rock and a spiked skull on the ground, which you can see here:


However, just rechecking the codex now, I changed the red casing of the rifle to black; I think I must have found the red too cartoon-ish. I also painted the drug tube red instead of blue. This was because, while choosing blue as the drug/poison colour in my army, I used red on the warriors, because they don’t use combat drugs; or at least they don’t use the same game-affecting drugs that wyches use. Hence, the blue colour pops up extensively through the rest of the army, which will be evident in future posts presenting those miniatures.

There is very little fluff on this kabal other than that they seek physical beauty and perfection to hide the horror and despair inherent to being a Dark Eldar. Which I think means you have to do your best when painting them.

As for colours, I decided to extend the splash of orange in the scheme to the hair colour, which you can see in this Sybarite model:


So the rule across the army is that everyone has orange hair. Otherwise they kick you out of the Kabal. I also use the odd gold plate to reflect seniority or commendation. I had visions of painting these on after any battle that a model happened to star in, but, as of January 2016, on account of various factors, these evil space elves have only seen the battlefield once, sometime in late 2012 I think, when they took down some Ultramarines.

The group shows all of the warriors. I painted the original 10 from the battleforce (1 sybarite with power sword, 1 dark lance, 1 shredder and 7 splinter rifles) and I remember despairing about how long it took me. That was in September and October of 2011. I was very excited with how the banner turned out on the sybarite. An extra 6 (4 splinter rifles, 1 splinter cannon and 1 blaster) were painted some time in 2013, I can’t recall.

So that’s the first archive post. Kabalite warriors, done!



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