Hello world!

Welcome internet to Baleful Gaze! a blog, showcase and record of my exploits in the ridiculous hobby of miniature painting and wargaming.

The blog will consist of showcase posts, presenting miniatures as I finish painting them; archive posts, which show miniatures that I’ve painted before I began this blog; work-in-progress (WIP) posts, self-explanatory; and – very rarely – gaming posts.

I played Warhammer Fantasy Battle when I was 12 or so, collecting Orcs and Goblins and High Elves, mainly to fight bitter contests with my brother’s Empire Army. I still have some of these early 1990’s relics lying around. I re-entered the hobby as an adult in mid-2009, after some encouragement from a friend of my then-girlfriend – now wife – who had recently taken up 40K with his own gaming group.

I began an Imperial Guard army (2500 pts currently), then began a Space Wolves (2000 pts) and an Orcs and Goblins army in late 2010, a Dark Eldar army (1750 pts) in mid-2011, an Ork army (1000 pts) early 2015, I’ve made a tentative start to a homebrew Space Marine chapter based on the Space Hulk terminators and I’ll probably start Harlequins sometime this year. There’s a bit of variety there; the main purpose of this blog is just to keep a record! I’ve had to move around a lot over the last few years and I’m also flirting with the idea of selling some miniatures. I remember miniatures that I had as a kid that I no longer have and I imagine, maybe, that in a few years or decades I might like to look back on what I’ve done over the last six years.

Anyway, enough rambling, I hope to update fairly regularly in the near future.



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