Showcase: Dark Eldar scourge

The first showcase post! These Scourge were the last miniatures I finished, in December 2015; however, some Scourge from early 2013 will also feature.

Below are two Scourge armed with blasters. For these, I decided to paint the wings as fleshy, instead of the black I used when I painted the first batch of five in 2013. It makes them look a bit more disgusting, a bit more Haemonculus-themed.

I painted the wings with a bluish grey basecoat, and worked up to a flesh colour, with the intention of making them look wan and sickly, but it didn’t really work, and doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. This was a change to my usual recipe for Dark Eldar flesh; I’ve been experimenting a little recently, since the colours I used in 2011 are no longer available.

I free-handed some random runes on the wings, as well as a small Coven symbol on the back, which you can’t see.

Two splinter cannon armed Scourge:splint

These guys have black feathered wings, which I gave a streak of random pale blue too. I paint blue drugs tubes and vials and try to create a sloshing free-surface level effect on the vials, which you can sort of see here. I assembled the other Scourge to look like they’re bouncing around, but with this squad, I’ve tried as far as possible to make them seem as if they’re steady and just blasting away at long range, which is how I envisage playing them.

By contrast, the following 5 Scourge were painted a few years ago, in the previous edition format, with 2 Haywire blasters.

This squad has gold helmets and plain wings. So I’m in the process of expanding my old squad into 3 new ones, each with 4 special weapons. So I have to slightly repaint 2 of the old Scourge. I have one unpainted splinter cannon scourge and will at some point in the future buy another box, making one feather-winged with splinter cannon, two bat-winged with blasters and two feather-winged with haywire. It’s a versatile kit and quite fun to work with.



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