Archive: Night Goblin Boss on Giant Squig

This is probably my favorite Orc or Goblin miniature, painted sometime 2010. I found it early on during my re-entry into the hobby and had my eye on it for awhile. I bought it as a painting project, along with the Orc shaman. Once done I decided to get some more Night Goblins, and bought the Battle for Skull Pass starter set, right before it went out of production in mid-2010. The manic look of the Goblin is great, as well as the sense that he’s going to fall off at any moment.

It was one of the first metal miniatures I’d painted in a while. I used a black undercoat, which I later discovered was a just a paint, and not a true undercoat, which is quite important for painting metal. So some paint has come away, in particular on the right arm. I haven’t found it in me yet to fix it up.

Squigs are usually red. I don’t remember exactly why I chose purple; from memory it was all about the purple of the body contrasting with the pink of the gums and making the mouth look scarier.


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