Archive: Dark Eldar Succubi

This post features 2 Dark Eldar Succubi, one painted late 2011 I think, the other in November 2015. The first is the 2011 one.

This was a widely maligned miniature at the time of release; I quite like it, it’s very 3D in real life, although it does feel a bit bulky around the shoulders. At this stage, my strategy of a dash of orange to the green and red colour scheme got out of hand. Firstly, there is a lot of hair. Secondly, I experimented with a different method for the orange, undercoating it white and washing it orange, making it brighter than it would be otherwise. So it’s a little too bright for my liking. I tried painting a tattoo on her face, which I stuffed up, so ended up making it much too large for my liking.

The second Succubus is a better miniature. I swapped the glaive for a pistol because. This is the one miniature in the army without orange hair. Black was chosen as an homage to a special person. This was also the first miniature I bought with the latest plastic mold technology from GW and it really shows in the quality and detail of the piece.

Below is another photo, taken by a visiting friend with a good camera; it gets the colours a bit better I think and also includes Urien Rakarth.



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