Hobby plans 2016

This weekend, I finally got some motivation going and spent some time painting, and the Razorwing jetfighter is almost complete. It got me thinking about what I have planned for the year.

At this time last year, I had a plan to start an Ork army and finish my Space Wolves army, which I largely achieved. I painted a lot last year. About 60 Orks, 5 Ork vehicles/walkers, 3 bikes, 3 koptas and for Space Wolves: a stormwolf, a dreadnaught, 5 terminators, 3 thunderwolf cavalry, as well as a smattering of Dark Eldar infantry and a raider.

I want a list of what the plan is, in January, for the year 2016. I want to paint:

  • Dark Eldar:
  • Razorwing Jetfighter
  • Voidraven bomber,
  • 6 Scourge,
  • an Archon,
  • an Haemonculus
  • Purple Marines:
  • 13 Space Hulk terminators,
  • a terminator librarian
  • Orks:
  • 10 more shootas
  • 1 Gorkanaut
  • 5 Nobz
  • 1 trukk
  • Harlequins:
  • 1 Troupe
  • 1 Voidweaver
  • 1 Shadowseer
  • 2 Skyweavers
  • and maybe……..
  • a Start Collecting Skitarii box.

Most of these, I don’t own yet, I’ve underlined what I do; there is no way I will finish this list. It is more just a snapshot of where my thinking is at present, much of it won’t happen, and it will be interesting to see where I end up in a year’s time. The drive to hobby is contingent on many things…..

I would like to get a few more games in; I played 4, maybe 5, games last year with my Space Wolves. We’ll see, the effort to game is even more difficult to muster.


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