Archive: Dreadstone Blight and Empire Archers


This project was from early 2014. I had some spare time on my hands and was lacking some inspiration generally to do hobby, or anything. So I thought I’d try something different and do some scenery. I also read a review somewhere about the Perry brothers’ Empire archers, so I got a box of them at the same time.

I chose the Stirland colours, undercoating white, and then using only washes and glazes for everything, except the very darkest areas. This was around the time of a new paint range release and I wanted to try out the yellow glaze. They are very good miniatures, although a little too sensible and non-comical by average GW standards.

The tower ruin was painted mostly with drybrushing; for the wheel of magic, I chose my colours and then mixed them all 50:50 with Dheneb Stone to link them a little. I smudged some orange on the copper metal which created a nice rust effect.


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