Archive: Ork Boyz, Gretchin, MegaNobz, Nobz, Trukk, Painboy, Mek

This will be a big post, featuring all of the infantry of my Ork army, all painted between February and October, 2015. First, 30 Ork Sluggas Boyz! I did these in two batches of 10 and 20; finishing them off took a long time, but in the end they look good I think, so there is some reward for effort in hindsight!

10 Shoota boyz, with a Trukk! Again batch painting can be hard. The Trukk was fun model, I have another one waiting to be done.

10 Gretchin, from the Stormclaw box. This is a good kit, simple and fun.

Ork MegaNobz! A good kit, they came out a bit dark and dour with my colour scheme, so there is a bit of extra colour to keep it interesting. I can see myself getting another box of these, there are lots of different options.

Here is an Ork Painboy, another great mini, I like the way he’s looking adorably at his ridiculous weapon.

And with Grukk and the MegaNobz:


Here are the Ork Nobz from the Stormclaw box, along with a Mek. And then all in a group:

Still to come are the dreads, bikes, koptas and a whole army shot.



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