Archive: Astra Militarum Commissars and Primaris Psyker


A Primaris Psyker, a Commissar, Yarrick and a Lord Commissar, these guys were all painted some time in 2010, as part of my Imperial Guard army that I was gaming with at the time.

I’m pretty sure I bought Commissar Yarrick just because I liked the mini, I never got to field him in battle. It’s a good mix of the grim (the drawn, gaunt face) and the absurd (the giant claw).

This was in fact a birthday gift in 2010. It’s quite well painted, but looking at it now, I could have spent more time on the face. I glued something to the base, which in the end looked terrible and I couldn’t remove, so I covered with static grass. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was! I assume it looked worse than the pile of green there now.

This dusty fellow is a regular Commissar, which I bought to accompany a 30 strong infantry platoon. This was in the days when you could sprinkle hidden AP2 power swords in your squads, so I added a sword to his belt. If memory serves, he has a few Chaos Terminators to his name.

I think I bought this guy much earlier on in 2009, to lead my army. It was perhaps the first mini I got that I wasn’t batch painting and spent a bit of time on; he even has eyebrows. I distinctly remember him and his pointy beard doing precisely nothing on each battlefield they stepped on to.


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