Showcase: Space Hulk Terminators, Part I


Five painted Space Hulk terminators have been the sum of my labour these past few weeks. These guys are very detailed and I took my time. (Except near the finish when I get impatient and rush)

I also thought about and researched the background for the Purple Marines. I’ve wanted to make them a Blood Angels successor. I found a Chapter, the Exsanguinators, about whom little is known, other than that they suffer acutely from the Blood Angels flaw. Perfect.

The name “Exsanguinators” implies a blood fixation; they like blood; maybe they drink it; maybe they bleed themselves (or others) till they turn purple. Maybe their home world is covered in purple algae, I haven’t worked it out yet. I tried to make skin tones fairly pale, but I haven’t worked out the best way of doing that yet. In any case, in deciding upon the Blood Angels theme (and thus leaving alone all the iconography), I played a lot with the colours, redoing many parts. The red drops and robes link them with the Blood Angels; plus mono-purple can start to look dull. I redid the the tabard on the Librarian I painted previously to tie in with these guys a bit better.

I really like the deep red I achieved. Also, the purple, on which I spent a lot of paint and layers building up. I rushed the metals at the end, so they’re a bit messy, which shows up in the photos and makes me almost want to go back and redo them (almost).

More photos:

On the squad leader, I spent a bit more time, with the face, sword and robe. On the sword, I tried crackling energy on a deep blue base. The front looks good, but I butchered the back somewhat. For some reason, I struggled to get a fine enough point on the brush when doing it, which is quite important to the final result.

There are 7 or 8 more to do! Part II will be some months away I think…



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