Battle Report! Orks vs. Necrons, 1650 pts

Last Wednesday, I went to the store and brought the Orks out for their first ever run! The list is not optimal, I’d never played with Orks or against Orks, or against Necrons and I ran with the generally maligned (but fantastic-looking) Gorkanaut, Killa Kans and a Deff Dred in the Heavy Support section, so I wasn’t optimistic. I was up against a Green and Gold Necron Decurion detachment, which I didn’t know a lot about.

I took a few photos, mostly blurry, so I’m not going to attempt to tell the entire story of the battle. Here is my army set up:

It was an ITC mission. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it meant we played the standard Crusade mission (with 4 objectives) plus a Maelstrom-like mission, with another set of 4 objectives. My opponent was keen on setting up a big black building in the middle, which basically split the battlefield in 2. I had some misgivings about the effect it would have, but I didn’t really mind and was open to the experiment. The objectives ended up being evenly split on both sides.

I had the first turn, meaning I set up first. On the left I set up:

  • 3 Killa Kans with rokkits
  • 3 warbikes
  • 3 Mega-Armoured Nobz in a Trukk,
  • a unit of 10 shootas,
  • 10 gretchin,
  • a Deff Dred,
  • a unit of 30 slugga boyz, with a Painboy and Grukk Face-Rippa.
  • a Deffkopta

On the right:

  • the Gorkanaut! carrying a unit of 5 Nobz and a Mek
  • a unit of 10 shootas
  • 2 Deffkoptas.

I had intended to put my entire army on the left of the dividing building, with the intention of forcing my opponent to do the same, thereby reducing the size of the battlefield to my advantage, but that went out the window, when I simply couldn’t fit everything in.

The battle started terribly. My Necron opponent seized the initiative. I psychologically gave up the battle at that point, but in the end having the 2nd turn was good for me, as it allowed me to capture Maelstrom objectives with my bikes and koptas. But that was later. Necron 1st turn, he fired a Tachyon (sic) arrow at my Gorkanaut and blew it up! 275 points with one shot! I was shattered. The explosion took a toll on the Nobz riding aboard, as well as on a nearby shoota boy squad. He also teleported a unit of 20 Necron warriors into rapid fire range and basically finished off my right flank.

It’s worth noting at this point that the Gorkanaut is only half-painted and the Nobz and Boyz only undercoated. By contrast, my left flank was fully-painted and fared much better. They all rushed forward, with a unit of Tomb blades getting into charge range of my Mega-Armoured Nobz. The blurry photo here shows them in combat behind the refinery , with the rest of the line advancing and my right flank almost completely gone:


The centre degenerated into a 4 turn long melee, involving the MANz, Tomb blades, Lychguard, Orikan the Diviner, 40 Ork boyz and Grukk, from which I emerged victorious in turn 4 or 5, although Grukk had fallen in a challenge to a super-charged Orikan. The surviving Boyz and 1 MAN then charged a Necron unit at the back of the field redeploying from the empty right flank, and killed them off in turn 6. Meanwhile on the right flank a unit of 20 Necron warriors and a unit of Deathmarks sat on objectives, but otherwise were out of the game.

On the far left, the Killa Kans and bikes took out some Immortals behind the big Orkhead mountain, with the Kans surviving and claiming the objective there. In the middle, the Deff Dread, Gretchin and Trukk, hung around round the refinery, claiming objectives.

The game was tight and tense affair once the Orks got back into it around turn 3-4. The game ended turn 6. We drew on the Crusade objectives 2-2, my opponent got First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord and I got Linebreaker. On the Maelstrom objectives, I won 10-5, giving me 4 battle points, meaning I won 7-5! Amazing! The stars were the MANz, who got stuck in 1st turn and just hacked and chopped away in 11 of the games 12 assault phases. Also, the Deffkoptas, which between them captured and denied several Maelstrom objectives. I got most Maelstrom objectives from killing enemy units; I was lucky in that I basically knocked off just one enemy unit every turn.

Here are some dramatic low-angle shots:

It was a funny battle, with the battlefield-splitting scenery leading to some odd outcomes. In hindsight, being seized on the first turn played into my hands. If I’d kept first turn, all I would have done would have been to move my entire army further into the Necrons shooting range. Again in hindsight, I think if I hadn’t lost the Gorkanaut so quickly, I would have won fairly easily. The chances of exploding a Gorkanaut with a BS 4, ST 10 AP 1 shot are 1 in 9. If it hadn’t have detonated (and had survived a 2nd Tachyon arrow as well, I would have destroyed the deep-striking Necron warrior unit with the Gorkanaut shooting and passengers and would have better-contested the right flank.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: “Don’t go to battle with unpainted miniatures”. It was fun, but slow, playing with the Orks. I need to work out some faster techniques for rolling 30+ dice at a time. When you charge a 30-strong unit of Boyz into melee, things get a little silly. Also, I don’t know how this list will go against an army with more anti-tank shooting and more AP2.

On the subject of unpainted miniatures, here is a WIP shot of the half-painted Gorkanaut, which I probably won’t be able to get back to finishing until mid-April.




One thought on “Battle Report! Orks vs. Necrons, 1650 pts”

  1. Never let your opponent get the better of you psychologically. In my opion and experience if they win at that they usually squash you by the end. Stay strong and battle hard hehe. Good post mate.


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