Showcase: Kabalite Warrior Sybarites


Two Kabalite Warrior Sybarites finished, as my drive to finish off unpainted miniatures continues unabated.

The one on the left was originally on a bigger base and was going to be an Archon with a venom blade, but it just didn’t come together when I tried it. I switched it back to a normal Sybarite, put it in a box and left it for 4 years until last week. The one on the right is a kit bash from the Warrrior, Scourges and Raiders box, depicting a Sybarite lining up to throw a grenade. Looks fairly realistic, perhaps a little too front on.

“What is that and why are you throwing it at me?!”

I experimented using Kislev Flesh at the main colour for the skin. It doesn’t look great, I’ve generally had better results using stonier colours like Rakarth Flesh and Celestra Grey.

I’m probably done painting Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors now, so group shots are appropriate. Here they are with their squads and transports.

All that’s left now for the Dark Eldar are 4 more Wyches and 6 more Scourge, then I think I’m done. It’d be great to take them out for a battle, but I have no idea when that might be.



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