Showcase: Ork Killa Kanz

kans - 1

Killa Kanz! These are the second batch of three I’ve painted. I played more with the posing this time, having the two armed with Skorchas stomping forward. I think they look great!

Very fun, quick and easy to paint. I wish I’d been a bit more adventurous with the previous three. The total of six Kanz, along with the Deff Dred can be seen below.

Also, I’ve almost finished the Gorkanaut. I’m very keen to post a photo of the entire Ork walker force. That should be in the next few days.

I set up a little studio to take these photos and I think they came up nicely. I decided to dig out a few of my Space Wolves to photograph and they came up nicely as well. An hour later I’d photographed the entire army! Very impressed with my ZTE Blade 6. I’ve been enjoying updating this blog, especially the photography side of it. I’m looking forward to doing a few Archive: Space Wolves posts over the next few weeks.


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