Showcase: Ork Gorkanaut!

lar_gorka - 1.jpg

The Gorkanaut has been finished! I got this from my brother for Christmas last year and worked on it on and off for the past 2-3 months. It’s a great model to paint, with lots of dents, rivets and exposed wiring to pick out.

My Ork walker contingent is done (I think), here are some group photos, with the 6 Kans and Deff Dred. So scary!


In other work-in-progress news, I bought the new Space Marine Heroes box, for various Space Wolf and Exsanguinator kitbashing ideas I have, and I also picked up an out-of-production Harlequin Shadowseer, the first member of the Masque of the Reaper’s Mirth…..


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