Archive: Space Wolf Troops

wolfguard - 4

The loyal troops of Sven Bloodhowl! Just imagine all the bellowing!

I painted about a third of what’s here in late 2010. About half I bought on a trip overseas in 2012 and painted when I was unemployed in the middle of 2014. That was a slightly stressful time, but I did get a lot of painting done…..  the rest I painted in early 2015.

I liked the idea of the Wolf Guard leading the squads and I put a bit of kit-bashing and extra-bling on just about all of them. The one with the combi-flamer and belt-slung power fist I especially like, (can you hang a power fist off your belt?)

The Terminators were done early 2015, and are not technically finished. They’re not part of Sven’s company, but part of Logan Grimnar’s, hence the black shoulders; I still need some white transfers for the Champions of Fenris icon, it’s perhaps too difficult to freehand. My favourites here are the hammer and shield ones, I have a thing for the peeking-over-the-shield pose.

Next up are the unit of Swiftclaws, which are unremarkable except for the little conversion I did on the Wolfguard. I wanted to give him a combi-melta and a power fist, but also wanted to reconcile his equipment with his ability to pilot a motorcycle. So I had him pulled-up, with his weapon drawn using his driving arm (you can drive motorbikes with one hand in the 41st millennium).

For the rest of the infantry, I’ve posted group photos with a few favourites getting their own close-ups.

Long fangs:

Blood Claws:

Grey Hunters:

If you’ve gotten this far into the post, well I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the army! Let me know what you think. I still have Dreadnoughts, a Stormwolf and a Thunderwolf unit to present.


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