Archive: Thunderwolves

thunderwolf - 7

The concept of Thunderwolves is ridiculous, but they do make for some very nice minis. And they can cause a lot of damage on the table top too. I only fielded my full unit of 5, plus Battle Leader, on one occasion and they were unstoppable, giving me a rare and welcome victory!

The first three I built were solely from the Thunderwolves box, while the last two (and the Battle Leader in my previous post) included bits from the Space Wolves upgrade sprue and the Krom sprue. Krom’s head can be found here, disguised in blonde. Bits from the Krom sprue ended up on four different models in the end.

Posing these models is quite fun. The guy with the hammer is a favorite – is he about to savagely strike down a foe with it, or, left with no other option, is he going for his own wolf’s head, in a desperate attempt to dismount?


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