Archive: Space Wolf Dreadnoughts and Stormwolf

dreads - 1

Two very wolfy dreadnoughts, one from Forgeworld, painted sometime in 2011, I think, and the other early 2015, after it was released. The axe and shield dreadnought, as well as the Stormwolf, reignited my interest in the Space Wolves (and delayed my Ork painting effort).

The close-combat dread is good fun on the tabletop as well, running him fearlessly forward with his big shield. The other dreadnought I’ve never fielded, his role thus far has been purely decorative – the saga written on his banner recounts deeds before my time.

Finally the Stormwolf. I really like the design of this thing. It wreaks havoc on the table top as well.

That’s it for the Space Wolves! I also have a Skyclaw squad I might expand on soon, while a Wulfen squad is likely too sometime in the next few months.


Archive: Thunderwolves

thunderwolf - 7

The concept of Thunderwolves is ridiculous, but they do make for some very nice minis. And they can cause a lot of damage on the table top too. I only fielded my full unit of 5, plus Battle Leader, on one occasion and they were unstoppable, giving me a rare and welcome victory!

The first three I built were solely from the Thunderwolves box, while the last two (and the Battle Leader in my previous post) included bits from the Space Wolves upgrade sprue and the Krom sprue. Krom’s head can be found here, disguised in blonde. Bits from the Krom sprue ended up on four different models in the end.

Posing these models is quite fun. The guy with the hammer is a favorite – is he about to savagely strike down a foe with it, or, left with no other option, is he going for his own wolf’s head, in a desperate attempt to dismount?

Archive: Space Wolf Runepriests

rps - 2

Runepriests! Lime green representing psychic power obviously.

There’s classic Njal and classic standard Runepriest. After using the standard Runepriest in a battle, I felt I needed to get him closer to the action, so I built one on a bike. I think he looks fairly badass, I used parts from the Stormwolf and dreadnought kits. He did get closer to the action having a bike, but died very quickly. Njal is yet to win a place on the team, but I think he’ll get a run in the next game.

Archive: Space Wolf Troops

wolfguard - 4

The loyal troops of Sven Bloodhowl! Just imagine all the bellowing!

I painted about a third of what’s here in late 2010. About half I bought on a trip overseas in 2012 and painted when I was unemployed in the middle of 2014. That was a slightly stressful time, but I did get a lot of painting done…..  the rest I painted in early 2015.

I liked the idea of the Wolf Guard leading the squads and I put a bit of kit-bashing and extra-bling on just about all of them. The one with the combi-flamer and belt-slung power fist I especially like, (can you hang a power fist off your belt?)

The Terminators were done early 2015, and are not technically finished. They’re not part of Sven’s company, but part of Logan Grimnar’s, hence the black shoulders; I still need some white transfers for the Champions of Fenris icon, it’s perhaps too difficult to freehand. My favourites here are the hammer and shield ones, I have a thing for the peeking-over-the-shield pose.

Next up are the unit of Swiftclaws, which are unremarkable except for the little conversion I did on the Wolfguard. I wanted to give him a combi-melta and a power fist, but also wanted to reconcile his equipment with his ability to pilot a motorcycle. So I had him pulled-up, with his weapon drawn using his driving arm (you can drive motorbikes with one hand in the 41st millennium).

For the rest of the infantry, I’ve posted group photos with a few favourites getting their own close-ups.

Long fangs:

Blood Claws:

Grey Hunters:

If you’ve gotten this far into the post, well I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the army! Let me know what you think. I still have Dreadnoughts, a Stormwolf and a Thunderwolf unit to present.

Archive: Astra Militarum Commissars and Primaris Psyker


A Primaris Psyker, a Commissar, Yarrick and a Lord Commissar, these guys were all painted some time in 2010, as part of my Imperial Guard army that I was gaming with at the time.

I’m pretty sure I bought Commissar Yarrick just because I liked the mini, I never got to field him in battle. It’s a good mix of the grim (the drawn, gaunt face) and the absurd (the giant claw).

This was in fact a birthday gift in 2010. It’s quite well painted, but looking at it now, I could have spent more time on the face. I glued something to the base, which in the end looked terrible and I couldn’t remove, so I covered with static grass. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was! I assume it looked worse than the pile of green there now.

This dusty fellow is a regular Commissar, which I bought to accompany a 30 strong infantry platoon. This was in the days when you could sprinkle hidden AP2 power swords in your squads, so I added a sword to his belt. If memory serves, he has a few Chaos Terminators to his name.

I think I bought this guy much earlier on in 2009, to lead my army. It was perhaps the first mini I got that I wasn’t batch painting and spent a bit of time on; he even has eyebrows. I distinctly remember him and his pointy beard doing precisely nothing on each battlefield they stepped on to.

Archive: Ultramarines Commander

In 2010, my brother bought an Ultramarines army, but lost the will to paint it fairly rapidly. He’s tried to talk me into painting it a few times, but I’m not really interested. This Space Marine Commander from Assault on Black Reach is as far as I’ve got. I think I painted it sometime in 2013, when I started thinking more about painting things that I, or we, already owned, rather than spending good money further stacking the grey plastic backlog. He’s commander of the 4th company, because I thought the green would look good. His banner says “Raaa!” which I believe to be the unofficial motto of just about every Warhammer miniature.

Archive: High Elf Relics

From the vault, these guys were bought around 1991 or 1992, when I was 12 or 13, and formed part of my High Elf army. Actually, I’m not sure when it was, it might have been earlier. There’s Teclis, Tyrion, a Tiranoc Charioteer, a Mage on a Unicorn and a lot of dust. The colours are somewhat random; I believe the approach was, should a pot of paint be available, best to use it somewhere. The High Elves saw battle 2 or 3 times and, I think, lost each time.