Archive: Space Wolf Runepriests

rps - 2

Runepriests! Lime green representing psychic power obviously.

There’s classic Njal and classic standard Runepriest. After using the standard Runepriest in a battle, I felt I needed to get him closer to the action, so I built one on a bike. I think he looks fairly badass, I used parts from the Stormwolf and dreadnought kits. He did get closer to the action having a bike, but died very quickly. Njal is yet to win a place on the team, but I think he’ll get a run in the next game.


Archive: Space Wolf Troops

wolfguard - 4

The loyal troops of Sven Bloodhowl! Just imagine all the bellowing!

I painted about a third of what’s here in late 2010. About half I bought on a trip overseas in 2012 and painted when I was unemployed in the middle of 2014. That was a slightly stressful time, but I did get a lot of painting done…..  the rest I painted in early 2015.

I liked the idea of the Wolf Guard leading the squads and I put a bit of kit-bashing and extra-bling on just about all of them. The one with the combi-flamer and belt-slung power fist I especially like, (can you hang a power fist off your belt?)

The Terminators were done early 2015, and are not technically finished. They’re not part of Sven’s company, but part of Logan Grimnar’s, hence the black shoulders; I still need some white transfers for the Champions of Fenris icon, it’s perhaps too difficult to freehand. My favourites here are the hammer and shield ones, I have a thing for the peeking-over-the-shield pose.

Next up are the unit of Swiftclaws, which are unremarkable except for the little conversion I did on the Wolfguard. I wanted to give him a combi-melta and a power fist, but also wanted to reconcile his equipment with his ability to pilot a motorcycle. So I had him pulled-up, with his weapon drawn using his driving arm (you can drive motorbikes with one hand in the 41st millennium).

For the rest of the infantry, I’ve posted group photos with a few favourites getting their own close-ups.

Long fangs:

Blood Claws:

Grey Hunters:

If you’ve gotten this far into the post, well I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the army! Let me know what you think. I still have Dreadnoughts, a Stormwolf and a Thunderwolf unit to present.

Archive: Space Wolf Lords

lords - 14.jpg

I started my Space Wolf army in 2010 and have been slowly building them up ever since, stopping and starting, until last year, when I started to take them onto the tabletop as an army. I have around 2500 pts worth, but I’ll start at the top and present the Lords and Battle Leaders.

I chose the Company of Sven Bloodhowl, back when little mention was made of him in any of the fluff, other than his symbol, his pyromaniacal streak and his etching and tattooing of his deeds on his armour and skin.

Here is my attempt at modelling him back in 2012. I remember spending a long time posing him, trying to get him peering through the notch on his shield:

There was a short mention of him wielding a thunderhammer in the previous codex. I also sought out the legs from the Blood Angels Death Company sprue, the ones with the long parchment, whereupon Sven indulges his narcissistic urges. His backpack with the upturned wolfheads was gifted to me by a work colleague who collected Space Wolves in the early nineties. I was going to paint flames on his cloak, but just went with straight orange. Early on, with my Grey Hunters, I’d tried painting tattoos on the faces and heads, but it looked awful (I thought) and I contented myself with the idea they tattooed their bodies underneath their armour.

I redid Sven when the Krom Dragongaze miniature was released, with the Stormclaw box set of August 2014. This time I wanted him to have a jump pack and something that would pass as the Fangsword of the Ice-Wolf, a relic in the new codex. Bits from the Krom sprue ended up in three of the models in the first image.

This was still pre-Companies of Fenris, which introduced new fluff for Sven. I used the same head, figuring this was his armament for more mobile operations, or at another time in his history. My attempt at a wolftooth-sword glowing with blue-green energy didn’t quite come off.

The other two models here are Battle Leaders. The guy on foot with frost axe and shield, I made as somewhat of an afterthought, not knowing what to do with the axe from the Krom sprue. In the end, I quite like him, he looks old and weary, but still determined to do his duty.

The final model, on Thunderwolf, is more recent, and results mostly from my wanting to make whatever use I could of the Space Wolves upgrade sprue. I think the posing of this is great. I decided to try to paint a white wolf, and then to paint the fur on the Battle leader the same colour, hinting at the back story of the model.

(still needs some grass on the base…..)

The Space Wolves remain a favourite for me; they’re the most complete army I have. I thought I’d finished them off after the Stormwolf and Dreadnought release last year, but I think I have to add a pack of Wulfen at some point.

Also, I’m vaguely uncomfortable with having my Wolf Lord slightly at odds with the official fluff. I say that my guys are modeled at a different point in Sven’s history. But I still want to make one more iteration of him, in line with the “official” version, but perhaps based on the new Ulrik the Slayer model and the Assault squad box. There are also his jump pack Wolf Guard, which would make a fun project. Perhaps later in the year!

Showcase: Ork Gorkanaut!

lar_gorka - 1.jpg

The Gorkanaut has been finished! I got this from my brother for Christmas last year and worked on it on and off for the past 2-3 months. It’s a great model to paint, with lots of dents, rivets and exposed wiring to pick out.

My Ork walker contingent is done (I think), here are some group photos, with the 6 Kans and Deff Dred. So scary!


In other work-in-progress news, I bought the new Space Marine Heroes box, for various Space Wolf and Exsanguinator kitbashing ideas I have, and I also picked up an out-of-production Harlequin Shadowseer, the first member of the Masque of the Reaper’s Mirth…..