Archive: Space Wolf Dreadnoughts and Stormwolf

dreads - 1

Two very wolfy dreadnoughts, one from Forgeworld, painted sometime in 2011, I think, and the other early 2015, after it was released. The axe and shield dreadnought, as well as the Stormwolf, reignited my interest in the Space Wolves (and delayed my Ork painting effort).

The close-combat dread is good fun on the tabletop as well, running him fearlessly forward with his big shield. The other dreadnought I’ve never fielded, his role thus far has been purely decorative – the saga written on his banner recounts deeds before my time.

Finally the Stormwolf. I really like the design of this thing. It wreaks havoc on the table top as well.

That’s it for the Space Wolves! I also have a Skyclaw squad I might expand on soon, while a Wulfen squad is likely too sometime in the next few months.